Tailored care aimed at improving quaLity of independent living
My Place Homecare
Creating long lasting caring relationships with families
Quality of independent living
The Best Care is Provided at Home. We create a long lasting caring relationships with families.
24/7 Support
Services are delivered at your place and are available 24 hous a day, 365 days a year.

My Place Homecare operates with an open mind, compassion, integrity and responsibility to challenge status quo on how people receive care at home, allowing them to enjoy independence, greater health and vitality. High quality non-medical services tailored to clients and families leading to the best health care decisions for the client.

Services provided are family centered and affordable and are delivered so individual needs are carefully assessed, understood and met through the selective assignment of qualified, trustworthy and compassionate personnel.

Our Services
My Place Home Care is here to assist you with both short or long-term service solutions, providing excellent and professionally trained staff for at home care.
Personal Care Services
Quality of Living Care
Foot Care Services
Convalescing Services
Alzheimer ’s and Dementia
Palliative and End of Life Care
Care Management Services
Respite Care

We begin the process with client and family interviews, where we get to know the client and their particular situation. Armed with this information, we match the client with one or two of our amazing staff members. We pride ourselves on continuity of care and building strong relationships. The end result is great care tailored to the needs of the client and a respectful professional environment.

In some cases, family members may live in another city or not be available to visit their loved one as frequently as they would like. My Place Home Care helps these families stay close by supporting them to adopt modern communication technology so they can be there virtually as often as they would like.

All My Place Home Care personal support workers are formally trained and certified to practice in Ontario. My Place Home Care helps personal support workers extend their skills through periodic specialized training. We strive for continuous quality improvement to be able to offer the highest quality service to our clients and ensure we improve each time we visit.

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