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The Best Care is Provided at Home.

Life is all about choices. We choose our friends, we choose a partner, we choose to have a  family, and we choose where we want to live. Every one of us wants to live a happy, healthy life, and we want to do so in the comfort of our own home. For a growing number of us, that requires home care services.

My Place Home Care challenges the status quo on how people receive care at home by operating with an open mind, compassion, integrity and responsibility. The attention we pay to the needs of our clients helps them enjoy independence, greater health and vitality — while choosing to live at home. We are focused on helping individuals achieve the highest quality of living possible. We want you to take control of your health and remain independent, safe and happy in a familiar environment. Be it in your own home, a retirement home or a long-term care facility, home is what you call my place, where you lay your head at night.

Knowledge is power.

The My Place Home Care team strives to increase your knowledge about the health care options that impact the well-being and long-term independence of you or your loved one to help prepare you to make knowledge-based decisions and achieve the highest quality of living for those in your care.

For many, remaining independent and safe within a familiar environment is an important aspect of a high quality of living.

Take control of your quality of independent living. Call My Place Home Care today!



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