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Dementia Day Program - Welcome to My Place Homecare
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Dementia Day Program


According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, “about 1 in 4 seniors aged 85+ have been diagnosed with dementia, seniors with dementia who live at home require support to do so comfortably and Canadians diagnosed with dementia before age 65 face unique challenges” ( These statistics, our own personal experiences and our client experiences inspired our team to design a unique dementia day program to be delivered across our communities for those individuals awaiting such programs at local senior centres. Due to covid-19, we have pivoted to provide personalized dementia day programs for all our clients. We have upwards of fifty individualised activities and agenda plans for each client integrating and inspiring with therapies such as art, light, music, exercise, cooking, reading and more.

Our process starts with us collecting as much information about our client as possible through Our Clients Life Story process where we inquire about many facets of their life. Things such as where they were born, where they grew up, where they went to school, what extra curricular activities they participated in, memories from childhood. We also collect as much information as we can about their families, mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, immediate family wife, children, and grandchildren, we ask for everyone’s, name and ages of children and grandchildren. Also look for memories from family vacations, or events. We also inquire about their lives as adults, where they worked and what they did, and if they have any work stories to share, as well as if they were involved in any clubs or sports teams, or activities and if they have or had hobbies that they may want to do again, as well as some of their favourite memories from adulthood. Finally, we try to figure out with the family what some of their current interests are and what they genuinely enjoy and what they do not like to do.

From all of this we develop a personalised program including how to deal with some of the most common behaviours people experience with dementia.

Learn more about our Dementia Day Program by contacting us today at