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This blog explores senior friendly travel destinations and shares travel tips for seniors travelling abroad. The eight chosen destinations factor in the following considerations: walkability, accessibility, affordability, safety, cultural attractions, leisure activities, and senior friendly amenities.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is a vibrant city with beautiful architecture, amazing parks, delicious cuisine, and rich cultural heritage with accessible public transportation options, including buses and metro stations with elevators and escalators making it easier to get around. Barcelona offers a walkable city center with wide boulevards, pedestrian-friendly promenades, and accessible attractions with senior discounts available for attractions, such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. The city offers plenty of leisurely activities such as strolling along the beachfront, visiting historical sites and attractions such as the Alhambra, the Gothic Quarter, and La Rambla. Barcelona also offers enjoyable cultural experiences like flamenco shows and tapas tours. Lastly, Barcelona offers many senior friendly accommodations that provide accessible rooms, rooftop terraces, and leisure facilities such as swimming pools and spa services.

Porto, Portugal
Porto is known for its historic charm, stunning architecture, and affordable cost of living. The city offers accessible public transportation, including buses and trams, with senior discounts available. Porto has a range of affordable housing options, delicious cuisine, and cultural attractions like the Ribeira district and Douro River cruises. Lastly, Porto offers many accommodations that provide accessible rooms, central locations, and amenities such as breakfast buffets and concierge services.

Arizona, USA
Arizona has certainly become a hotspot for seniors and for good reason. Arizona has lots to offer including naturally beautiful red rock formations, serene desert landscape, and warm climate. Arizona is also home to many attractions and amenities that are senior friendly including jeep tours, wine tasting, spa treatments, scenic drives, and desert tours, hiking trails, golfing, and an amazing aquarium. Lastly, Arizona also offers a range of senior-friendly accommodations with accessible rooms and amenities.

Victoria, Canada
Victoria is a charming coastal city known for its British colonial architecture, beautiful gardens, and mild climate. Seniors can enjoy leisurely walks in beautiful gardens like Butchart Gardens or explore historic landmarks like the Royal BC Museum and Parliamentary buildings. The city also offers scenic walks along the waterfront, afternoon tea at historic hotels, and ferry rides to nearby destinations like the San Juan Islands. Victoria’s compact downtown area with pedestrian-friendly streets and accessible transportation options makes explore this beautiful city easy. Lastly, Victoria is home to many accommodations that are accessible for seniors.

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, canals, and cobblestone streets that are perfect for leisurely walks. Seniors can explore attractions such as the Belfry of Bruges, Markt Square, Church of Our Lady, and Beguinage on foot. The city’s compact size and flat terrain make it easy for seniors to navigate, with plenty of cafes and shops to rest and recharge along the way. Bruges is also considered to be a very senior-friendly city due to its manageable size, accessible accommodations, improved accessibility for all visitors including seniors and people with mobility issues, and accessible transportation options.

Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto is known for its tranquil gardens, historic temples, and traditional tea houses. The city offers senior-friendly accommodations that provide accessible rooms, Japanese hospitality, and cultural experiences like tea ceremonies and kimono fittings. Seniors can explore historic temples, serene gardens, and bustling markets while enjoying the country’s rich cultural heritage. Kyoto’s historic district features narrow streets, traditional wooden buildings, and many attractions within walking distance. Seniors can explore UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Gion District, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, and Nijo Castle on foot. The city’s flat terrain and well-maintained sidewalks make it easy for seniors to stroll through charming neighborhoods and tranquil gardens.

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne delights visitors with its diverse neighborhoods, cultural events, and culinary delights. Seniors can explore attractions like Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens, and Queen Victoria Market. The city offers accessible amenities, senior discounts, and a laid-back atmosphere. Many accommodations provide accessible rooms, waterfront locations, and activities such as wildlife encounters and wine tours. Seniors can enjoy sightseeing cruises, scenic rail journeys, and outdoor adventures in Australia’s diverse landscapes.

Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington combines natural beauty with cultural attractions and outdoor activities. Seniors can visit museums like Te Papa, enjoy scenic walks along the waterfront, and ride the Wellington Cable Car. The city offers senior discounts, accessible transportation, and a relaxed pace of life. Many accommodations provide accessible rooms, scenic views, and guided tours tailored for seniors. Seniors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, wine tasting, and scenic cruises in breathtaking landscapes.

Now that you have reviewed some senior friendly travel options, consider the following tips for seniors while before you travel.


1. Plan Ahead
• Research your destination thoroughly and plan your itinerary in advance
• Consider factors such as climate, accessibility, and medical facilities when choosing your destination.

2. Consult with your doctor
• Schedule a pre-travel medical check-up to ensure you are fit for travel
• Discuss any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns with your doctor and obtain necessary prescriptions and vaccinations.

3. Pack wisely
• Pack light and only bring essential items to avoid carrying heavy luggage.
• Pack necessary medications, medical supplies, and copies of important documents such as passports, insurance cards, and emergency contacts.

4. Choose senior-friendly accommodations
• Look for accommodations that are senior-friendly, such as hotels with accessible facilities like elevators, handrails, and ramps.
• Consider booking accommodations located centrally to minimize walking distances and transportation costs.

5. Stay active and hydrated
• Stay active during travel by taking short walks, stretching, and doing gentle exercises to prevent stiffness and promote circulation.
• Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption.

6. Be mindful of mobility needs
• Request assistance or accommodation if you have mobility issues, such as wheelchair assistance at airports or accessible transportation options at your destination.
• Use mobility aids like walking sticks, canes, or rollators if needed, and inquire about accessibility features at attractions and restaurants.

7. Take breaks and pace yourself
• Take frequent breaks during travel to rest and recharge, especially during long flights or car rides.
• Pace yourself when exploring new destinations and prioritize activities that are manageable and enjoyable.

8. Be safety conscious
• Be vigilant of your surroundings and avoid high-risk areas, especially at night or in unfamiliar neighborhoods.
• Keep valuables secure and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or displaying expensive jewelry.

9. Stay connected
• Keep in touch with family and friends by sharing your travel itinerary and staying in regular communication.
• Carry a mobile phone with international roaming or purchase a local SIM card for easy communication.

10. Seek senior discounts and deals
• Take advantage of senior discounts and deals offered by airlines, hotels, attractions, and transportation providers.
• Consider joining senior travel clubs or loyalty programs to access exclusive benefits and perks

11. Stay informed
• Stay informed about local customs, laws, and cultural practices at your destination to avoid misunderstandings or discomfort.
• Stay updated on travel advisories and safety recommendations issued by government authorities.

The only thing left to do is book your flights. What are you waiting for!!