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List of interesting and creative hobbies elderly can try - Welcome to My Place Homecare
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List of interesting and creative hobbies elderly can try

List of interesting and creative hobbies elderly can try

List of interesting and creative hobbies elderly can try

As we get older and after the kids have moved out, or we have retired from a long career, we find ourselves with some time on our hands. I actually thought about learning how to do small engine repair and it started with my own snow blower. But that is another story, but it could be the start of a new hobby for me too. Starting a new hobby that you really enjoy doing is always exciting. Sometimes, they stick with you and you keep doing them for a very long time, but that’s not always the case. Other times, you fall in love with it and can’t see how you’d ever get enough of it, but before you know it you slowly start to not crave it as much, until you eventually get bored of it. Seniors desire amusement and connection just like everyone else. Boredom can be one of the most frustrating things and being creative always soothes the mind. It is important to provide activities that bring pleasure and interest to us all as we age.

Here is a list of simple activities and new interesting and creative hobbies we can all try!

Visual Expression:

Painting and drawing are beautiful ways to express feelings with creativity. Even if you were never artsy or creative like me, these activities can provide a broad range of mental peace and calmness.

Tactile Expression:

Working with clay or play-doh is another way for us to express our creativity. The options of what to do when able to craft a variety of shapes of different sizes while feeling different textures are limitless and help create sensory experiences. Who knows, maybe you will take up pottery and become a real star at it!


While scrapbooking wouldn’t be a new experience for many, it is still a very creative activity. You can cut out old magazines or print old ads and articles of a variety of subjects that interest you such as fashion, cars, cooking, small engine repair. Another idea is to scan and print old photos of friends and family.

Travel the world with Google Earth:

Google Earth allows users to upload photos from around the globe. You can see what different places around the world actually look like from a bird’s eye or street view, whether it’s your hometown or even the Sahara desert, you can load the location onto and explore!

Travel major cities with Drive & Listen:

While being similar to Google Earth, Drive & Listen has uploaded videos from a driver’s or biker’s view of areas in several major cities around the world. You can activate street noise, and even listen to a few radio stations from each city. Scroll through the cities on and explore!

We hope that you find these hobbies and activities interesting. If you have any questions or feel as if we could include more activities, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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