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Financial planning for seniors in Canada involves several unique aspects, including government benefits, healthcare, and tax considerations specific to Canadian residents. This blog series will touch on saving options for retirement, understanding your future costs and estate planning and legacy, but first, how much do you need to comfortably retire in Canada? How much to save There are three different methods for calculating what you should aim to save for your retirement....


Elder abuse is an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but it is very important to understand the impact of elder abuse. Each year, approximately 10% of Canadian seniors are victims of crime with the vast majority of them being property crimes. Up to 1% of Canadian seniors experience violent crimes or physical abuse and about 45 percent of seniors abused report experiencing some form of abuse from the age of 65...

Technology and Seniors – Navigating the Digital age: A brief guide to technology for seniors

As technology has become more prominent in our day to day lives, it is important for everyone to feel safe and comfortable. Seniors are particularly vulnerable when it comes to their use of technology as new technologies are something they can be unfamiliar with. This guide will benefit seniors who are unsure about technology or those who want to use technology more and are not sure how to make the...

Managing Chronic Pain

Natural Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

Day to day life can come to a halt while trying to manage chronic pain. There are days that feel like nothing will help to take it away. In this blog, we will explore natural ways to manage your chronic pain including the use of aromatherapy, physical activity, and naturopathy. Aromatherapy Aromatherapy refers to the medicinal or therapeutic use of essential oils absorbed through the skin or olfactory system. Essential oils are...

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are caused by blows, bumps, and jolts to the head. TBIs can result in temporary injury or more serious, long-term damage. Causes of traumatic acquired brain injuries include: Motor vehicle accidents Sports injuries Falls Assault, including domestic violence Explosive blasts, combat blasts Gunshot wounds or other penetration injuries to the head, and Shaken baby syndrome In this blog, we will look at the impact TBI’s have on...